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  • Professor MNO Ikhile

    • Professor MNO Ikhile

      Director of Training


      Professor MNO Ikhile is currently holding this position with bunch of experiences as a Dean of faculty, an instructor, and training strategist. He plan, organize, and direct a wide range of training activities for internal and external customers. His roles and responsibilities are not limited to the below

      • Support learning through a comprehensive career services program by developing and implementing Student support services such as Employer Development, Career Counseling, Job Search Assistance (Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing, Interviewing Skills, Identifying Job Leads, using the Internet and Social Media, etc.), Graduate School Counseling Information, Internship Assistance, and other areas related to career success. These services are provided to current students and alumni.
      • Collaborate with admissions, academic units, and alumni services to promote the career development of our students.
      • Direct strategies and initiatives to build and support career services and provide career opportunities to graduating students; work closely with training programs, and key external stakeholder groups to expand and maintain an employer recruitment network and to develop and sustain a continuum of internships and job placements. 
      • Work with faculty and program director to develop and promote internship opportunities to school/college students.
      • Solicit and utilize employer feedback to update curricula and to create and implement programs that respond to the needs of business, industry and organizations